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By using an electric Evo-skate Skate, you practice a motor sport that offers thrill with almost zero impact on the environment. More informations here !Find last shots and videos from our riders ans customers.Find us on FacebookShop online : Buy your electric skate here !

Electric skateboards & scooters, accessories: the best electric skateboards & scooters at Evo-spirit

Discover a new way of practicing skateboarding & scooter with our electric skateboards & scooters!
Find the best in electric skateboards & scooters: Mountainboard, Longboard, lithium batteries or SLA and all kinds of accessories at Evo-spirit.

Electric Skateboard & scooters, Longboard, Mountainboard, lithium batteries and other accessories

Looking for an electric skateboard & scooters ? Evo-Spirit will find a solution to your requirements. European leader in electric skateboards & scooters, our catalogue offers Longboard, moutainboard, scooters, lithium or SLA batteries and all accessories …

– For all terrain practice, discover our electric Mountainboard with impressive performances that will propel you beyond your limits!

– For ‘street’ practise, discover our electrical Longboard & scooter, and experiment downhill sensations on flat ground.